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Tips for getting a good night's sleep. A young woman sitting in bed in her pajamas stretching and smiling because she got a good nights sleep

Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep takes work, but it’s worth the effort. Getting deep, restful sleep is important to restoring brain chemicals, strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, and being able to function effectively throughout the day.

Do all snorers have sleep apnea?

Do All Snorers Have Sleep Apnea?

If you suspect that either you or a loved one has sleep apnea, it’s important to get to know the facts about this potentially fatal condition and find out the answers to such questions as “do all snorers have sleep apnea?” Read on for the answers. Question: Do all snorers have sleep apnea? The short […]

mother's day giveaway - A mom and a small child laying on a bed giggline at a laoptop screen with pink sheets and pink icons of dental related items surrounding them

Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day With A Giveaway!

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and we want to celebrate all the hard work our moms do. Whether you are a mom or know a mom, we can’t thank them enough. Moms make sure the little ones brush their teeth every morning and night. Moms keep the entire family regular with cleanings and checkups. Moms […]