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Quadrant Comprehensive Dentistry Takes the Chomp Out of Dental Surprises

Eliminate the stress of dental surprises with comprehensive dentistry.

We feel your pain. You just finished what you thought would be your dental work for the year only to wake up to another toothache. If you’re tired of feeling one step behind, we have the solution for you. Your Tacoma dentist, Dr. Giesy and his team practice comprehensive dentistry. It can put you in control of your oral health.

If you have been just dealing with problems as they happen, your mouth may be a hodgepodge of new and old dental work. In this case, a comprehensive solution involves the quadrant approach to dental care.

What is Comprehensive Quadrant Dentistry?

Dr. Giesy can present you with a treatment plan in quadrants (or sections). When a dentist talks about quadrants, he is referring to:

  • Upper right quadrant: your upper right incisor to wisdom tooth
  • Upper left quadrant: your upper left incisor to wisdom tooth
  • Lower right quadrant: your lower right incisor to wisdom tooth
  • Lower left quadrant: your lower left incisor to wisdom tooth

Using advanced screening technology and thorough dental techniques, we look at the whole individual not just your mouth to determine why problems exist and find a permanent solution.

Planning dental work in quadrants will benefit you in the long run.

What are the Benefits of Quadrant Dentistry?

It Saves Time and Money.

We know how busy you are. With quadrant comprehensive dentistry, all the dental work can be scheduled in one appointment, which means less time off from work or arranging childcare. Fewer appointments will cut down the overall expense of the treatment.

It Reduces Stress.

If you are a nervous patient, fewer visits will reduce your anxiety and mean fewer injections. Maybe you couldn’t justify sedation for multiple appointments, but you can for one. Feel calm and relaxed for your entire treatment.

Feel stress-free about dental problems using comprehensive dentistry.
Feel relaxed during your visit and stress-free after knowing you’re in control of your dental care.

It Lessens Surprises.

When a dentist can work on adjacent teeth all at once, the quality of your treatment increases. This will result in less serious (and expensive) problems over time.

Comprehensive Dentistry and Quadrant Care Make Sense

At Giesy Family & Implant Dentistry we believe taking a comprehensive and quadrant approach will benefit the whole you. We have created a free educational download to help you to understand the what, why, and how of comprehensive dentistry.
Comprehensive Dentistry Infographic
Download the Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to learn:

  • How much does the cost differ from traditional dentistry?
  • Why does comprehensive dentistry focus on prevention?
  • What whole-health benefits come from comprehensive dentistry?


Download your free infographic



Dr. Giesy has received specialized training and education that allows him to offer his patients in-house, comprehensive treatment at our Tacoma dental office for whole-health dentistry.

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