Bioclear® Veneers

A minimally invasive alternative to porcelain veneers and crowns for restoring your smile's youth and beauty.

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What are Bioclear® Veneers?

Achieve a natural smile with this conservative cosmetic treatment.

Bioclear® Veneers are a remarkable, new alternative to existing composite bonding procedures to re-engineer teeth. Instead of applying and hardening multiple layers of composite to achieve the desired shape, the patented composite material is molded around your tooth in one piece adding strength to the restoration.

The creator of Bioclear®, Dr. David Clark, created the system to improve traditional restoration methods. It can be used to:

  • Fix dental black triangles

    Known in dentistry as “open gingival embrasures,” black triangles are caused by bone loss and recession of the gum line, exposing a space between your teeth and gums. These voids make smiles look older and accumulate plaque, leading to decay and future dental concerns.

  • Close the vertical gap between teeth

    Although some can accept this unique feature of their smiles, most people wonder how they can close the gaps. Bioclear® offers a cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers without sacrificing the strength of cheaper composite bonding procedures.

  • Reshape undersized teeth

    Using Bioclear® molds, your trained cosmetic dentist can artistically augment your tooth to even out your smile and create a beautiful, symmetrical row of teeth.

  • Finish orthodontic treatments

    Just straightening a smile doesn’t change the shape of your teeth or remove black triangles. Bioclear® can be used to fix an uneven smile after orthodontics or reshape teeth that are too small.

  • Repair severe dental decay while maintaining tooth structure

    Traditional methods for repairing severe dental decay with amalgam and composite have limitations and are prone to leaking, cracking, and chipping. The Bioclear® procedure allows your dentist to keep more of your tooth structure when restoring your tooth, improving structural integrity and minimizing sensitivity.

Are you ready for a dramatically improved smile without damaging your teeth?

Why Are Today's Patients Choosing Bioclear® Veneers?

This modern approach to cosmetic dentistry offers short- and long-term benefits.


This minimally invasive treatment preserves more of your natural tooth structure than veneers or crowns for long-lasting restorations.


Get a same-day smile! The entire procedure takes only one visit to complete, giving you instant results without repeat appointments.

Cost Effective

Bioclear® can mask your smile's imperfections without the cost of precious tooth structure, saving you the cost of future dental work for the same issue.

Looking for Minimally Invasive Dentistry in Tacoma?

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Meet Your Tier 2 Bioclear® Method Certified Provider, Dr. Michael Giesy

Dr. Giesy understands why his patients prefer conservative cosmetic solutions. The long-term retention of your teeth is directly related to the amount of natural tooth structure you retain after any dental work.

That’s why Dr. Giesy invested in the Bioclear® Method with many hours of training and modern equipment to provide his patients with ultimate patient care using cutting-edge dental technology. He is proficient at using the Bioclear® Injection Molding Technique for:

  • Treating black triangles
  • Closing gaps between the front teeth
  • Rebuilding undersized and worn teeth
  • Bioclear® Veneers
  • Esthetic smile designs

As a Certified Bioclear® Provider and Tacoma dentist, Dr. Giesy is ready to help you achieve a natural-looking, long-lasting cosmetic restoration. Talk with him to find out if you’re a candidate for the Bioclear® Method.

See Bioclear® Veneers in Action

Watch how easy it can be to treat black triangles and close vertical gaps.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Your Questions About Bioclear® Veneers Answered

Increase your knowledge of this breakthrough treatment.
  • How much does Bioclear® cost?

    Compared to other options for the same cosmetic issues, Bioclear® costs the same as porcelain veneers and only about 25% more than convention bonding. Because there is little or no damage to your tooth enamel during preparation, Bioclear® can save future costs for dental work related to the loss of tooth structure.

  • Why choose Bioclear® Veneers over crowns for your front teeth?

    A full porcelain crown requires the removal of 70% of the tooth to accommodate the restoration. During preparation using the Bioclear® process, only decay is removed, leaving all healthy tooth structure. If the nerve is healthy, a root canal will not be necessary, eliminating the extra expense and future complications that may result. Every patient’s case is different, and there may be times when a crown is the only option. Dr. Giesy would be happy to discuss your needs, desires, and available treatment options during your cosmetic consultation.

  • What makes Bioclear® different from other composite bonding techniques?

    Current bonding techniques involve applying multiple layers of composite material that is shaped to restore your tooth. The unique Bioclear® composite is warmed and injected over patented-clear forms placed around the tooth and under the gum line, creating one solid restoration with superior strength and esthetic results.

Are You a Candidate for Bioclear® Veneers?

Schedule your visit with our Tacoma Bioclear® Provider to find out if this one-visit cosmetic solution is for you!
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