We LOVE New Patients at Giesy Family & Implant Dentistry

Nobody should have to guess what their dental visit will be like! We provide excellent information and resources for our new patient from the very start
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Committed to Your New Patient Experience

We promise to make your visit as efficient as possible.

For your convenience, new patient forms are available online for you to fill out and bring with you to your first appointment. This means less waiting and more attention on what matters most: your dental experience! Let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your Tacoma dentist visit more relaxing and comfortable.

New Patient

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We Also Offer Medical Billing!

‘‘I like the sense of family that you have when you walk in. Even my kids like to come to the dentist now!’’

~ Kara S.

What Can You Expect as a New Patient at Giesy Family & Implant Dentistry?

Timely Service

Your time is valuable, so we will do our best to make sure you don’t have to wait.

Exemplary Treatment
We love getting to know our patients! We always ensure quality care, while enjoying our time with you and achieving your smile goals.
Relaxing Environment
From massage chairs to baked cookies, our comfortable décor and atmosphere were designed to welcome you.
The Perfect Team
Quality customer service is our biggest focus. We pride ourselves in our excellent, comforting, and friendly team.

Ask Us Anything - We're an Open Book!

  • What do you do to ensure on-time service?

    Besides ensuring our own punctuality, we remind all of our patients to please arrive at our office 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork (which we keep to a minimum), and to enjoy a complimentary beverage.

  • What procedures qualify for medical billing?

    Some medical insurance providers cover certain dental procedures. Some of these covered procedures are:

    • Implants
    • Extractions
    • IV work
    • Bone Grafts
    • Periodontal Scaling
    • CT scans

    By billing these procedures to your medical insurance, we ease the financial burden on our patients and enable them to receive the care they need. Money matters, but we hate to see vital dental care put off. That’s why we do all we can to lighten the load.

  • Do I qualify for medical billing?

    Whether or not you qualify is up to your insurance provider. Some medical conditions can have dental consequences as well, such as increased acid coming in contact with the teeth, or bone loss. The first step is scheduling your consultation appointment. From there, we can design a plan to get you the quality care you require (and deserve).

  • What financial options are available?

    We accept:

Still Have Questions?

Dr. Giesy likes to connect with his patients in as many ways as possible! You can read some of his informative monthly blogs, answering questions from patients just like you. Check to see if he has the very answer you were looking for!

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We love helping new patients improve their smiles and over-all health