An economical way to replace one or more teeth.

Repair Your Smile in One Go

A bridge renews your smile’s health, function, and beauty.

Close up of a dental bridge being crafted

Missing, damaged, and decayed teeth create problems. You may have difficulty speaking, discomfort chewing, and issues keeping your mouth healthy. Not to mention, you’re not feeling your most confident self.

One way to fix this is with a dental bridge, which:

  • Replaces one or more teeth at once
  • Is permanently secured
  • Quickly fills in the spaces left behind from missing teeth

  • Is custom made to blend in with surrounding teeth

To see if a bridge is your best option, visit Dr. Michael Giesy. He’ll give you his honest recommendation.

Is a Bridge Better Than an Implant or Denture?

Here are some advantages:

Unlike a dental implant procedure that takes months, a dental bridge is usually completed in two weeks.


Regain the freedom to eat your favorite foods without pain. Plus, bridges are permanently secured, so no accidental slips like dentures.

Cost Effective

This type of restoration can replace multiple teeth, sparing you the cost of fixing each tooth individually.

Long Lasting

Bridges are made of durable material. On average, they last at least 10 years with proper care.

Protect Health

Prevent problems like adjacent teeth shifting, cavities, gum disease, bite misalignment, and even overall health issues.

Improved Appearance

Maintain your face shape and look younger, healthier, and more confident with a complete smile.

‘‘The staff is always welcoming and professional. I am comfortable in the chair and appreciate them being open and honest about the best treatment for my long-term dental health.’’

~ Linda H., 5-Star Google Review

Why Choose Dr. Giesy?

We put you first. No upsells or pressure.

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You don’t want to waste money on unnecessary dental treatment or short-lived results.

At Giesy Family & Implant Dentistry, we focus on full-picture dentistry. When Dr. Giesy recommends a dental bridge, you’ll know it was a thought-out decision based on your long-term health, smile goals, and budget. Plus, we:

  • Work closely with a high-end dental lab to customize your bridge.
  • Offer complementary procedures, including dental implants, to limit referrals.
  • Use modern technology, making your visits faster and more comfortable.
  • Have extensive training and experience, ensuring your treatment considers all aspects, including your bite and facial structure.

As our patient, your needs will be fully taken care of. We aren’t your stereotypical dental office.

FAQs About Bridges

Answered by our restorative dentist.

  • How does a dental bridge work?
    A bridge consists of one or more false teeth (pontics) with crowns on either end.

    Depending on your scenario, the crowns will either be secured to your teeth or dental implants.

    Once placed, the bridge will fill in your missing tooth gap.

    During your consultation, Dr. Giesy will outline your treatment, so you know exactly what to expect.

  • How long does a dental bridge last?
    On average, dental bridges last 5 to 15 years, sometimes longer with proper care. This includes:

    • Brushing twice a day
    • Flossing daily
    • Visiting Dr. Giesy for routine exams and cleanings
    • Stopping bad habits like chewing on ice or using your teeth as tools
  • How much is a dental bridge?

    The cost of a dental bridge varies depending on various factors, such as how many teeth are getting replaced.

    If you have dental insurance, a portion of the fee may be covered.

    Schedule a consultation with our Tacoma dentist for a cost estimate.

Ready to Get Your Smile Back?

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