A woman getting get routine dental cleaning in Tacoma, WA

How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Take?

Are dental cleanings worth the time? Yes, yes, and yes! Dental cleanings are fundamental to preventing disease and decay, which protects your oral and overall health. Even if you’ve never had a cavity or always brush and floss your teeth as instructed, you still need to get your teeth cleaned at least twice per year. […]

Irritated looking man holding a CPAP mask.

Do Oral Appliances Work for Sleep Apnea?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are suffering from the effects of sleep apnea? Have you read about or tried treatment with a CPAP machine and decided it wasn’t for you? There is a non-surgical, conservative option available: oral appliance therapy. But do dental appliances work for sleep apnea? What is sleep apnea? […]

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How Good Oral Health May Prevent Breast Cancer

Do you notice an increase in pink every October? From politicians to football players to community members, the color seems to pop up everywhere! Since 1985, when National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded, October has been designated as a time to increase awareness of this deadly disease. Pink ribbons – and pink in general […]